Ashley Stefanisin

Phone: 618-628-0090


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Science degree in Secondary Biology Education from Greenville College.

Ashley Stefanisin



 About Me

Hello my name is Ashley Stefanisin. I am 35 years old. I have been married for nine years now, & my husband's name is Keith. We have two amazing sons named Logan (5.5 years old) and Luke (2.5 years old). We have three dogs (miniature schnauzers) named Cami, Carly and Cati (pronounced Katie). We live about 35 minutes from O'Fallon in a small town in Clinton County on about an acre of land right outside of town. 
I went to Greenville High School and to Greenville College. Now called Greenville University. I majored in Secondary Biology Education where I received my teaching certificate. This meant I wanted to teach science to either junior high or high school students. After graduation I substitute taught in various school districts around the area and I absolutely enjoyed the junior high age group the most. I knew I wanted to be a junior high teacher. My dream and ambitions came true when I was hired at local middle school in 2013. I taught there for six years. I taught 5th-8th grade integrated science. I love being in a science classroom!

Then my career aspirations brought me to Fulton Jr. High School. This is my second year at Fulton. I am still excited to be here! I am so glad I joined the Fulton team. It's a great school and great community.
Thank you for letting me be part of your team. 
When you were in 6th grade you learned about Earth Science. In 7th grade you will be learning about Life Science. What does that mean? It means you will be learning about LIFE and continue to be curious about the world around you. Science is here to answer the questions of your curiuousity and learn how things work! We will learn about LIFE, and what makes something living. We will learn about measurement and the nature of science.  We will work with microscopes and learn about what cells. We will learn about DNA, heredity, genetics, and evolution. And we will learn about ecology and how relationships work in our environment. And hopefully complete some dissections at the conclusion of the school year. 
Our Units Include: 

- The Nature of Science 
- Intro to Life Science 
- Cells 
- Cell Processes 
- Cell Growth & Reproduction
- Genetics 
- Evolution
- Ecology 
I love teaching science and enjoy being in the classroom. I hope you will find my classroom fun and interesting. Let's make it a great year!