• Classroom Management: I believe a learning environment should be a positive one. Rules are needed for learning to take place. The students and I will work together as a team to write our classroom rules. Writing the rules together give the children a sense of ownership and create an environment that the children take pride in. Their opinions are important! It is also important to note that, despite everything, rules will be broken. For those times when rules are broken, students will have to clip down. Students also have the opportunity to move up on the chart and improve his/her behavior throughout the day.


    1st Occurrence: Verbal warning! (We all make mistakes and deserve a friendly reminder.) The clip stays on green (ready to learn)


    2nd Occurrence: YELLOW (think about it) – Lose 5 minutes of recess


    3rd Occurrence: ORANGE (Teacher’s Choice) – Lose 10 minutes of recess


    4th Occurrence: RED (Parent Contact) – Lose entire recess (15 minutes) and a note is sent home (I will call if the situation warrants it)


    Referrals – Office Referrals can be given by any staff member and are usually given for more severe or repeated offences.


    • Each day is a FRESH START! All clips go back to green. Students still may owe time though from the previous day. If this is the case it will be discussed with a mini conference with the child in the morning so there are no surprises for them at recess time. 


    Positive Reinforcement:   

    Many types of positive reinforcement are a part of everyday in our classroom. Read about each of them below.



    A Kudos is a form of reward used by all grade levels at EK. Kudos are for showing good character traits throughout the year. Each time your child is caught showing good character they will be given one of these slips. All Kudos go into drawing. Slips are randomly drawn through the year for prizes, recognition, etc.  Children also get four chances a year to visit the KUDO store to spend earned KUDOS


    Warm Fuzzy: Students will be working towards earning pom-poms “a warm fuzzy” to fill a jar and earn a class party of their choice. A large warm fuzzy or a handful of small ones will be added to the jar for a class compliment or job well done