Planned Absence: Request for Planned Absence forms are available in the office and our website for students who know in advance that he/she will be absent for more than one day. Please make arrangements with the office at least one week in advance. Planned absences are not generally approved except in cases of family trips where the home is closed, Medical Procedures, and/or because of serious problems at home. Planned absence days are included in the calculation of field trip eligibility. The Student should take the Request for Planned Absence home and have their parents/guardians complete and sign it; on the following day they should take it to each period teacher and have them complete it. Once signed and completed, it should be returned to the office, a copy of the Request for Planned Absence will be provided to the student. A student who fails to arrange or turn in a completed and signed Request for Planned Absence will be given an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE. All work given to the student in advance of the planned absence is due upon returning to school.

    Tardy: Students are expected to be in class on time. If a student is late they must have a staff issued pass to present to the teacher for the tardy to be excused. If the student does not have a pass, the student will receive the following consequences: First Violation--Warning by teacher Second Violation--Student/Teacher conference and the teacher will contact parent Third - Fifth Violation--Lunch detention/Parent contact (@ 3rd tardy) Sixth - Eighth Violation--After-school detention Ninth - twelfth violation --Two after-school detentions

    Make-up Work: Students who have excused absences shall make up work and receive credit for that work. IT SHALL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT TO PRESENT MAKE-UP WORK WITHIN A PERIOD OF TIME EQUAL TO THE NUMBER OF DAYS ABSENT PLUS ONE DAY. Example: a student absent for three days will present make-up work within four calendar days; however; reports, labs, assignments, tests, etc., announced while the student was in attendance, must be presented on the original due date. Homework can be found on the staff member's’ webpage at www.ofallon90.net , Google classroom, or by directly emailing teachers. Access lockers will be between the hours of 7:30am and 6:00 p.m. It is recommended that a student check with their teachers to ensure they have made up all missed homework.

    Student-Teacher Relationship: Teachers are responsible for the success of their classes and they have the authority to make their classroom rules. The teachers expect an attitude of respect from the students, and the students, in-turn, have the right to be treated with respect. At times a mistake might be made, but most of these can be cleared up through friendly discussion between the student and teacher. If a misunderstanding exists, come to the office to talk it over. A VISIBLE DISPLAY OF ANGER HAS NO PLACE IN SOLVING PROBLEMS BETWEEN TEACHER AND STUDENTS. ANY STUDENT TRYING TO USE SUCH METHODS WILL BE SENT TO THE OFFICE.